Science Week - Mini Farm

Science Week – Riggmoor Farm Visit


We have had a fabulous end to science week with a visit from the animals from Riggmoor Farm. Each class spent an hour learning about the different animals which included: two extremely soft and fluffy alpacas; two Valais Blacknose Sheep;  a Mediterranean Flour Donkey;  a Highmoor Shetland Pony; a (rather large) micro pig; a young calf which needed to be bottle fed;  two goats , some rabbits and a Guinea Pig.

Liam was chosen to feed the calf and other pupils got a chance to practise their milking technique using a milking simulator.

Flynn found out that alpacas can survive on quarter lung capacity because they are used to living in high altitudes.

Our incubator is now full of chicks with all ten having been successfully hatched. They will remain in school for another week before being re-homed. They have been a huge success and both staff and pupils have enjoyed watching them develop.

We are extremely grateful to all our visitors this week and to Miss Cowell, who has worked so hard to organise the events.