Year 7 Christmas Market Takeover at Alnwick Garden.

18th November 2016

Year 7 worked in partnership with Virgin Money on their ‘make £5 grow’ project, with the vision of selling their products at The Alnwick Garden’s official Christmas Market Takeover.

Each student who signed on to the project was given £5 in which to start their own business They could choose to run their own business or pool their money together to create a team business.

Each group was then given a spreadsheet to manage their expenditure and set about purchasing the resources for their Christmas stalls.

All teams performed really well on the day and were great ambassadors for our school. It was an enjoyable day for all with many of them making a good profit from their hard work.

Thank you to Mrs Hopper for organising the teams and to Antonia and Amy for their wonderful musical performances on the day.