Year 5 Egyptian Day

13th November 2015
Year 5 pupils travelled back in time today to the market place of Thebes, where they prepared gifts to present to Pharaoh Akhenaten and his queen. The day was organised to bring history to life in an enjoyable and practical way. Pupils spent the morning making canopic jars, modroc cartouches, unleavened bread and scarab beetles carved from soap. They also practised writing hieroglyphs on papyrus paper. 
The afternoon was spent celebrating the Festival of the Nile where groups of dancers, actors, musicians and soldiers entertained the pharaoh and queen. All guests were waited upon by a group of servants and we even had a royal food taster who came to a sudden end!
During the day, there were several miscreants who were dealt with severely by the Grand Vizier (enthusiastically played by Mr Middlebrook). One pupil was thrown to the crocodiles whilst another was banished to the Sahara.
We are very grateful to Mrs Orange, Mrs Fenwick and Mrs Jeffries who came to help run the events. We were delighted with the enthusiasm and involvement shown by all pupils and are sure this will be a day to remember.
Below are a few photos from the day. Visit our gallery to see more.