Lego Workshop

Sunderland University Lego Workshops


On the 24th May the whole school received a visit from representatives of Sunderland University. The representatives; Beth and David delivered an hour-long Lego workshop. All of the class got a Lego Education pack with 200 pieces. We had 3 challenges with the Lego; the first one was that we had to build what we thought a University was. After 8 minutes of building we showed everyone what we had done. The next challenge was that we had to build our dream job. After that, we had to build the tallest tower possible. After 15 minutes of tough building, there was a shake test and a height test.

The 6G winners were Hannah and Jay. For their prize they each received a Lego duck. It was a really good day and I would do it again.

Emilia Grimes 6G