The pupils can expect to receive an increasing amount of homework as they move higher up in the school.

At Key Stage 2, in Years 5 and 6, the homework will normally be related to specific work in English and Mathematics, e.g. spelling, tables etc., and some basic research in other subjects.  Pupils are encouraged to read regularly at home.

At Key Stage 3, in Years 7 and 8, the amount of homework will vary from subject to subject and will increasingly be geared toward time management, i.e. project work over a period of time, which will need to be researched before written up.  This will include both lesson time and homework.

As a guideline to teaching staff, it is expected that all homework will be relevant to work being carried out in the classroom and as such forms a significant part of the learning programme.

It is hoped that pupils and parents will see the importance of homework and make every effort to ensure it is completed properly and on time.

School Diaries

School diaries are issued at the beginning of the school year to enable pupils to record all homework given and dates for completion.  It also serves as a very useful means of communication for both parents and teaching staff on any issues that require further information or investigation on a daily basis.  Parents are asked to sign their child’s diary every week.