Year 6 Tudor Day

16th February 2017

Year 6 Tudor Day

Our final Tudor Day was certainly an event to remember.  Many thanks to our parents who helped provide some stunning costumes which really helped the pupils to get into character for the day. 

We spent the morning making a variety of Tudor crafts such as: Pomanders with oranges and cloves; nosegays with rose petals and lavender; traditional baked Jumbles; candles, Tudor Roses, a Coat of Arms and we also tried writing the Lord’s Prayer with quills.

The afternoon began with a hilarious insult session where, for one time only, our pupils were encouraged to shout insults at each other! They used Shakespearean Insults to great effect. We then spent the rest of the afternoon at a banquet for Henry VIII where we were entertained by musicians, actors, dancers, knights and servants.

Many thanks to all the staff who worked hard to make this a day to remember and to the pupils for their enthusiasm and excellent behaviour throughout the day.