Year 7 Brilliant Bags

25th February 2016

Year 7 Brilliant Bags Workshop

On Thursday the 25th of February the Year Seven pupils took part in a workshop: Brilliant Bags. The aim of Brilliant Bags was to introduce Year Seven into the World of Work. We were split into six even groups, within these groups we had to design, advertise and create a themed gift bag.

To do these tasks we had to create posters, company logos, names, business cards and, of course bags. We started at 20 past 9 and were given until 11:15 when we would present and sell our bags to the judges. Card fabric and lots of decorations, such as stars were the resources given for this task.

We learnt how to work as teams; act like adults and to be confident and proud of our work. One of the most important features we learnt was how to manage time, because in the world of work you have deadlines which you cannot miss.

We all enjoyed this workshop because it gave us a chance to show our creativity to others.

By Madison Hall and James Carragher