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The Duke’s Middle School are currently recruiting to our supervision team, an enthusiastic and committed person to work in school during lunchtimes (12.30pm – 13.30pm) to supervise and support pupils. Please see the Vacancies section for details and application form.

Welcome to Alnwick The Duke's Middle School

I have great pleasure in introducing our school website and I hope that you will find the information contained in it useful and helpful.
We are proud of our school, our staff, and our students.  Our hope for our school is that it is an exciting place to learn,  a place where our students have the opportunity to become involved in a whole range of learning experiences using modern resources and facilities.  A place where everybody is passionate and enthusiastic about learning and where the timetable and curriculum are varied and balanced as well as flexible and innovative.
A place where our students and staff feel valued and work together as partners in learning.  A place where students feel safe and happy and cared for as individuals.  A place where parents are always made welcome and their concerns and anxieties listened to and taken seriously.

A school which constantly changes as it strives to be better.
A school full of energy, enthusiasm, responsibility, care and a desire to learn.
A school where there are excellent levels of academic achievement and where all success is rewarded and recognised.
A school where all students relate to each other through their work, socialising and the hopes they share, regardless of age, gender or culture.
A school in which mutual respect and positive behaviour is the expected norm.
A school which strives to harness new technologies to develop enquiring minds.

Dawn Morton





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